World-changing hip-hop phenomena

When hip-hop emerged in the 1970s, the artists of the genre simply wanted to attract the affection and attention of the people of New York City. The hip-hop DJ artists in the early 1970s conquered fans with a music mixing technique that no one dared to try before.

The first person to experiment and succeed with this gameplay was the Jamaican-born artist Kool Herc in the Bronx. Along with the music, a new type of street dance emerged breakdance.

In 1984, the movie Beat Street about this dance was shown across America or at Cannes Film Festival and thus dance groups. That’s such as The New York City Breakers and Rock Steady Crew became famous.

The influence of this dance style has spread widely, bringing glory to many young artists today. Examples include George Sampson and his dance team Diversity, who have won Britain’s Got Talent competitions.

In 1979, Rapper’s Delight, the hip-hop-inspired piece, became the first official hip-hop single to hit commercial success. This song was remixed by the trio The Sugarhill Gang after listening to the song Good Times by the R & B Chic series at a party.

Run-DMC introduced the art of rapping to the public, but Public Enemy are artists who use hip-hop as a means to raise awareness about social issues. The album It Takes a Million To Hold Us Back that they released in 1988 is still considered the greatest rap album of all time.

Along with many other artists, Lauryn Hill has rejected the notion that women do nothing in the hip-hop village. Female singers Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa and MC Lyte-all had hot songs in the US in the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1998, Hill became the owner of 5 Grammy Awards – a record for a female recording artist at the time – with his solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. This album contains the stories of her life, represented by Hill by both singing and rapping.

Hip-hop culture and Hip-hop dancing

Hip hop includes 5 main elements including Dance, Rap, DJ, Graffity, Beatbox. Translated in simple terms, the 5 Elements of Hiphop Dance is How people move. It’s How people express their thoughts, emotions, music, and movements.

Breakdance, breaking, b-boying or b-girling is a street dance belonging to the hip hop dance line of young African-American people. This dance is usually dance to funk or hip hop music has been mixed to prolong the break. Although there is still much controversy, this is considered to be the first dance line appearing in hip hop dance lines.

This will result in a raw soundtrack that can be further developed and mixed. It also allows the dancer to show off the technique on the break ground. When the two sides compete with street dances, the side with good dancers who can perform complex and outstanding dance moves will be the winner.

Breakdancing is fundamentally very liberal and liberal, allowing for the combination of many different factors. A basic dance session will include toprock, move to downrock, perform power moves and end with freeze or suicide technique.

Locking has a tendency to bring viewers excitement, excitement and excitement. Locking initially danced on traditional funk music like James Brown’s. And now this genre is still widely loved by lockers and is widely used at Juste Debout matches.

The name is based on the concept of dance steps, which is a sudden stop within a limit after rapid movements and then resuming at the same speed. Such pauses create the opposite of nimble moves combined with locker styles.

Locking has many movements that require physical training, such as falling on his knees or flexing his legs. Locker often wears very distinctive and recognizable clothes, typically multicolored clothing with stripes and straps. The most remarkable thing now is that Campbell set up The Lockers group and set a foundation for locking by their own style.

The best French hip-hop artists of all time

Above all, Rap is a sub-arm of Hip-Hop, a lifestyle movement that completely affects those who join it. In Hip-Hop, we find music with DJs who provide musical instruments for the rappers to put their lyrics. But also activities like dancing with breakdance and painting with graffiti and cards.

This is a very strong style where the weight of the word is so important. The rappers have to persuade them by improvisation and therefore choosing an effective register is the basis.

Obviously, all the tools are available for human language to attract attention and convey messages effectively. The genre later saw change in some of its subgroups. This is also the case in France, where between the introduction period and our present era, rap music flourished and all rappers contributed to its development.

This group from Marseille is a real symbol for a generation that listened to the group during their teenage years and began to mature. Even now, the group is considered one of the best French rap groups of all time.

This group of Didier Morville and Bruno Lopes alias JoeyStarr and Kool Shen was founded in 1988 in the Paris region and marked the 90s of the previous century. Like IAM, this band is regarded as one of the best French rap bands of its generation.

It continues to influence many artists. The two rappers state their suburban origins, young people who live and survive in a difficult environment, and have turned this situation into a brand.

Doc Gyneco is perhaps one of the most quirky and unique artists of his generation. After being a member of Ministere AMER, he started his career in 1996 with his first album. He wanted the musical compositions in his songs to be mainly played with real instruments, unlike contemporary rappers who used rhythm boxes.

The artist approaches urban themes with popular references, with humor, lightness, a little provocation, and disappointment. His political involvement unfortunately kept him away from the media and the public.

Hiphop dance has any benefits that you do not know

Hiphop dance is an art form for everyone. Appearing and giving music a fresh and meaningful genre. Hiphop music makes people dance, sway. It is because of this that HipHop dance appears and attached to young people.

If you did not know, HipHop originated from small country Jamaica. The tradition of this country is to play on the outdoor dance floor with a large number of participants. At that time, DJs often rapped funny lines to increase their excitement on the bass music.

This also makes it possible for all participants to hear the music to dance. Currently, this form continues to develop. Thus the origin of Hip Hop comes from Africa. People also joked that HipHop is a folk song of the black people.

They use rap lines to express their desire for freedom and desires. Currently, the rap in HipHop has many meanings, but still shows the aspirations in life. After emigrating to the US, a young person in Jamaica spread the form of rap to the neighborhood in which he lived.

Since then, HipHop began to slowly seep into the subconscious of the American people and grow more and more. This is also the father of HipHop named DJ Kool Herc.

Fashion in HipHop is eye-catching and recognized, many people who do not rap or dance Hiphop also use it as everyday clothes. Partly due to the convenience and simplicity and not too expensive, HipHop fashion once took the throne.

In addition to music and fashion, HipHop is accompanied by the graffiti art on the wall. The classic images are subway trains covered with Graffiti images. This used to be a beautiful symbol of the artistic spirit. Hiphop is so simple that it integrates into everyday life but still bold art

Let Pants tell about the glorious history of Hip Hop

We can call the pants in the Hip Hop world pants, slacks, trousers or any other name. Which we want but one thing cannot change that all of them are the first sign of the movement of the hip hop world.

A documentary titled Fresh Dressed emphasizes the importance of fashion in hip hop. But nowadays, we just want to talk about Pants – a pair that can spark a revolution in art and personality in Hip Hop.

From baggy baggy to tight tight, the rapper defines himself by the pants he is wearing. If you see a particular Pants, you can almost hear what kind of music will come from the person wearing them.

It is a testament to the funk-style tunes and songs created from the dance hall that gave hip hop its first breath of life. Now, you can only find them at second hand stores or Halloween costume shops.

Punk and hip hop have a lot of similarities in the natural style inherent in both genres. They all go deep into creativity, not design. That gave the rappers a sharper aesthetic.

Because while performing, the b-boys and b-girls will kick over the bottom of these pants while performing classic moves like windmill. Adidas is the ultimate designer for the trark suit, and the trouser pants have become the endorsement brand for Adidas.

After the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G, hip hop entered oblivion. The Shiny suit era takes place when the art world thinks that rap is culturally bankrupt while being financially rich.

The early 2000s started a new trend with white tee shirts and oversized jeans. From a trend in prisons where inmates who do not have belts to wear are forced to suffer the scene of falling pants. This style of wearing pants has been spread by street artists. That is both the sugar dust, the inherent street culture’s mess and the mark for the new movement of Hip Hop.

However, as this decade progressed, male rappers have entered couture, and with that has included styles that would never have been worn by rappers before. Pant existed like that in Hip Hop culture. There will not be a flashy appearance of Hip Hop today without the change of Pants in the past.

Why Hiphop culture strongly affects young people

Unlike other genres of music, hiphop is a cultural lifestyle of African-Americans spanning decades. Hiphop has strongly influenced the lifestyle of a large population of the United States and the world.

The artists who gave hip hop to the young people first of which we can say Talib Kweli, Gangstarr, and Mos Def. While there are artists who use words to reflect real life, there are some who express their passion for hiphop through dance moves. All they do is show their passion.


Gradually, hiphop later expanded to many genres so that young people could satisfy their passion for hiphop such as Beatboxing, breakdancing, graffiti. They all do those things with all their heart.

Even those who brought hip-hop literature. Although they couldn’t be popular, they showed their passion for hiphop by bringing hiphop closer to people.

The beginning of hiphop in the Bronx was really simple at first, they weren’t fussy. They only need a cassette player and they will show their passion in the middle of the road.

Hip hop attracts young people because it itself contains the appeal of movement, music, and body. In the hip hop community, whoever they are, what they do, they all talk to each other with their passion and talent. But they do not judge each other by other criteria they encounter in society.

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Rap helps them to say real life and real things, speak the way they think and do. Participants in hip hop have proven their qualifications and talents through world tournaments. For many teens around the world, it is also seen as part of their life.

And they become more and more popular through reality TV shows and mass performance programs. The look of hip hop is also more open and is more popular with young people.

Unprecedented in history – Hip hop ranked highest at Billboard

The prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart has just released a list of the most popular songs. Rapper Drake completely overwhelmed other names, with 7 out of 10 songs in the top of the list belong to his new album “Scorpion”. Taking the number one spot is “Nice For What” – the song to date has had eight weeks at number one.

So far, all 25 songs on the album “Scorpion” have been included in the Billboard Hot 100, an unprecedented feat. Drake’s glory is signaling a new era of hip-hop music. According to a report by the Nielsen statistics organization, hip-hop has surpassed rock to become the most popular music in the United States. Out of the 10 best-selling albums, 8 have hip-hop albums.


And yet, the number of people listening to this genre is also growing faster than any other music. Hip-hop is a music with a strong rhythm, often accompanied by rap. It was written based on the feelings and personal experiences of the composer. In the early days, hip-hop was associated with street culture, a gang of black people in America.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing that has made hip-hop music famous for decades is the privacy factor. Unlike easy-to-hear pop music that talks only about emotions, flirting or dancing, hip-hop from the beginning was the composer’s heartbreak.

It brings the deep feelings of the artist, rapper of color. Therefore, listeners easily empathize, relate themselves to the lyrics in each song. Many people consider hip-hop to be famous not only for good music, but also for a diverse combination of cultural traits such as B-boy dancing, graffiti painting.

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All are proof that hip-hop in general or rap in particular has never been an easy playground for artists pursuing this genre. However, this does not mean that being a hip-hop artist is a lasting benefit.

On the contrary, with the new generation of rappers constantly emerging, the success in hip-hop music is becoming much harder than before.

Hiphop dancing and the benefits of learning to dance

Hiphop dancing is an art form for everyone. Appear and bring music to a fresh and meaningful genre. The music of Hiphop makes people dance and sway. It is because of this that HipHop dance appears and is attached to the life of young people in the world.

Many people do not know what HipHop really is. This article will help you get the most out of HipHop. If you do not know, HipHop is derived from tiny Jamaica. The tradition of this country is the play on the outdoor dance floor with a large number of participants.

At that time, DJs often rapped fun songs to increase excitement on the bass. This also helps participants can hear the music to dance. Currently, this form continues to grow.

6 kiểu nhảy hiện đại được giới trẻ yêu thích

So the origin of Hip Hop comes from Africa. People also joke that HipHop is a folk song of the black people. They use rap verses to express their desire for freedom and desire. Currently, the rap verse in HipHop has many meanings, but it is still expressed the desire in life.

Breakdancing is mentioned to refer to the break and how people dance the combined movements of that dance. At the beginning, Breakdance was dancing on the original jazz. The music is performed by experienced African and Latin American musicians. The dances in the break gradually develop and have more complex movements, requiring ingenuity.

The sliding movements close to the ground are called acrobatic. Many dancers have to use their arms and hands frequently to support the body to spin. The rotation and acrobatic movements on the music are classic and very familiar in Hiphop.

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Like other types of dance, when exercised the body will become toned. For those who are thinking of losing weight or being overweight, you can immediately find a Hiphop dance class to get in shape.

Using street music, young people all over the world love it. Due to the excitement and the trendy breakdance dance, everyone listens to sway. Hiphop not only helps entertain and drop soul into trendy music but also has significant benefits for young people.

Dance HipHop often dance in groups, so you will be exposed to many people. And to be able to design into a dance, it is necessary to count the teammates of the dance group. You will improve your skills through the dance process.

Culture in the world of Hip Hop

Did you ever know the history of Hip Hop. And have you ever heard about hip hop culture? There are actually many misleading notions about Hip Hop. Some people think that HipHop is a version of “white people” based on the sounds of “black people”.

Others think that HipHop is a genre, and Rap is just a rhyme that combines rhythms through HipHop. But in fact Hip hop is not merely a melody, a line of music. It is a whole culture of many parts and very impressive.

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Hip hop is rooted in black culture. It’s a popular American commercial culture, formed from people of color immigrating from the Caribbean to upstate New York. It was formed in the 1970s in the Bronx suburb of New York and has spread throughout the world.

The breakdance was originally based on original jazz by experienced African and Latin American musicians. The break dance gradually develops with many complex and skilful movements close to the ground called acrobatic. In which dancers often use hands and arms to support the body when spinning and tumbling many times in the background.

The first dance groups to use and develop this dance were the Dynamic Rocker and the New York City breaker. The origin of this is the Good Foot. Breakdancing could not have been extended if it had not been supported by music mixers.

Học Nhảy Hiphop Street Style Underground, Choreography ở TpHCM

Dj became popular in the late 1970s. After that Dj became a professional, systematic training. Dj makers form clubs, creating networks of amateur players and their audience. Sometimes, Dj also acts as a cheerleader.

It is a fast speaker of the song, inviting guests to dance to the music, maintaining a fast and fun atmosphere with the song. Another component associated with Djing and Rapping, called Rap for short. It is a poem that rhymes to the tune of Dj music.
Rap music from its inception has been associated with street language.

Hip hop art by Kendrick Lamar

Lamar is also the most commercially successful artist winning the Pulitzer Prize. This is a prize that is often given to classical musicians who don’t live on charts. Lamar’s DAMN album won a Grammy. According to the Pulitzer Prize jury, this album is a collection of highly qualified songs. It shows the dynamism, rhythm, and capture of the complexities of modern African-American life.

Lamar has received many praises for his lyrical pieces. Live performances associated with political life and a mix of hip hop, speech, jazz, soul, funk, poetry and African influences.

Lamar’s songs in these albums write about darkness, street life, police cruelty, perseverance, survival and self-respect. Lamar’s sharp and rapping rap helped him become the voice of the generation and easily the conductor of hip-hop. At the same time, it also conquered the audience not rap fans, from rock to pop and jazz.

Huyền thoại Tupac Shakur chính là người có ảnh hưởng nhất đối với Kendrick Lamar, trong cả âm nhạc lẫn phong cách sống

Lamar also appeared on the charts. There have been more than 20 songs in the Top 40 hit singles, including the song “Humble” which once took the champion. Lamar’s success earned him 12 Grammy Awards, but all three of his albums failed in the Album of the Year category.

Expressive freedom is the pinnacle of art and Kendrick Lamar embodies that freedom. And yet, the music video of this song is well received by the public. Humble has surpassed 250 million views so far!

Kendrick Lamar tại lễ trao giải Grammy Awards 2016.

This is the perfect combination of K-Dot’s great lyrics and impressive images. They are not surprised that this MV is receiving a lot of attention from fans as well as highly appreciated by professionals.

Experts commented that Kendrick’s debut album Good Kid, MAAD City was heavily influenced by the West Coast Hip Hop and Gangsta Rap in the 90s. Meanwhile, the third album To Pimp a Butterfly brought a lot of sound. Enjoy funk, jazz and soul.

Among them, the legendary Tupac is the most influential person in him, in both music and lifestyle. In addition, some other artists that also influence Kendrick’s music style are Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Mobb Deep.