Culture in the world of Hip Hop

Did you ever know the history of Hip Hop. And have you ever heard about hip hop culture? There are actually many misleading notions about Hip Hop. Some people think that HipHop is a version of “white people” based on the sounds of “black people”.

Others think that HipHop is a genre, and Rap is just a rhyme that combines rhythms through HipHop. But in fact Hip hop is not merely a melody, a line of music. It is a whole culture of many parts and very impressive.

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Hip hop is rooted in black culture. It’s a popular American commercial culture, formed from people of color immigrating from the Caribbean to upstate New York. It was formed in the 1970s in the Bronx suburb of New York and has spread throughout the world.

The breakdance was originally based on original jazz by experienced African and Latin American musicians. The break dance gradually develops with many complex and skilful movements close to the ground called acrobatic. In which dancers often use hands and arms to support the body when spinning and tumbling many times in the background.

The first dance groups to use and develop this dance were the Dynamic Rocker and the New York City breaker. The origin of this is the Good Foot. Breakdancing could not have been extended if it had not been supported by music mixers.

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Dj became popular in the late 1970s. After that Dj became a professional, systematic training. Dj makers form clubs, creating networks of amateur players and their audience. Sometimes, Dj also acts as a cheerleader.

It is a fast speaker of the song, inviting guests to dance to the music, maintaining a fast and fun atmosphere with the song. Another component associated with Djing and Rapping, called Rap for short. It is a poem that rhymes to the tune of Dj music.
Rap music from its inception has been associated with street language.