Hip Hop – a culture that strongly influences fashion industry (Part 1)

Hip Hop music was originally formed in the 70s, by the young black music community and young Latin America, they started playing music on turntable (a regular instrument of DJs) to convey Social views through the content of the rap. One of the early rappers, LL Cool J, “fascinated” the listener with the “Hooks” melody. At the same time, there has been a trend of mixing different types of music with Hip Hop, which has created new Hip Hop genres like Rap Rock, Alternative Hip Hop, Jazz Rap …

Previously rappers often used their Hip Hop songs to express their views on the difficulties of life, racism and social imbalance. But after 30 years of formation, the modern rappers did not use words and attitude too harshly, they turned and focused on conveying how to enjoy life more. Typical examples of successful and influential Hip Hop artists in the 21st century are Wiz Khalifa, Lil ’Kim and Nicky Minaj.

After the music, dance is the second most important part of Hip Hop culture. Over time, Hip Hop choreography is influenced and introduced by other schools and styles and gradually become more formal. Until now, Hip Hop dance has been divided into many branches such as Old-school Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Whacking, B-boying …

Over time, Hip Hop has made a big impact on the artists, many Pop singers have loved and mixed this Hip Hop in their songs. They combine with many different Hip Hop dances to add creativity and impression to attract viewers. And one thing is certain, for the performance to be perfect, the Hip Hop-style performance costume is essential!

“Hip Hop has created the most effective economic step in the music history of black and Latin people. And the fashion industry will take similar steps if it comes to the culture of Hip Hop, ”said writer Elena Romero. Hip Hop artists often perform in oversized clothes, while for Pop artists when combining Hip Hop elements into their music products, they often chose ” hybrid ” style which is the combination between skinny clothes and oversized clothes. Only after a while, it became a fashion style admired and widely shared by young people. It can be said that Hip Hop fashion is one of the hottest trends today. Not only Hip Hop fashion, right now the rising street fashion trend  is also originating from Hip Hop elements such as Hipsters style, Hippies, Punk and B-bo

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