Hip Hop – a culture that strongly influences the fashion industry (Part 2)

There are a total of 3 groups of people who contribute to the formation and development of Hip Hop culture and fashion: those who grow up with Hip Hop culture and have no knowledge of fashion, who grow up with culture Hip Hop and have a bit of fashion knowledge, those who are influenced by Hip Hop culture and want to create fashion trends with Hip Hop.

However, there is always a debate about whether there is a link “between” culture and fashion of Hip Hop, because many people think that “Hip Hop must be Hip Hop, must be influenced. and live the Hip Hop flow rather than just transporting people to Hip Hop fashion is turning you into a person of this culture ”.

Through each creative way in the Hip Hop fashion of these 3 groups, many styles are formed. And at the present time, the most popular style that we can see is fashion brands “Hip Hop Self-recognition” and fashion followers who mix sportswear  and street fashion ( streetwear) to create hip hop fashion styles.

There are quite a number of hip hop style identities, but the popularity is still a combination of “baggy” items, “rugged” shoes and accessories like different hats. In addition, rappers always create accents for their hip hop suits and big “shackles” bracelets.

At the present time, fashion brands influenced by Hip Hop are divided into two branches: the first is the streetwear brands that specialize in designing and producing products inspired by Hip Hop such as Vetements, Off-White, HBA, Rick Owens … The remaining branches are athleisure fashion sports brands such as Adidas, Nike, Stussy, PUMA …

The popular fashion brands are following the trend of Hip Hop as well as the trend of streetwear, the rising and growing Hip Hop has proved that Hip Hop has long been not only a music genre or a dance. Hip Hop now has a culture that has had a strong influence on the entire fashion industry and is also a trend that embraces all the nooks and crannies of fashion followers of all ages. . 3

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