Hip hop and everything you need to know about hip hop culture (Part 2)

The most influential and typical dance groups for these 3 categories are Rock Stedy Crew (Breaking), The Lockers (Locking) & Electric Boogaloos (Popping).

Memorable milestones in the development of Hip hop Dance

 1969: Don Campbell – A very famous street dancer in Los Angeles – created the dance he called “Campbellock”. It is the precursor to the dance we call today Hip hop dance. Mr. Don Campbell – the father of Locking dance, one of the three main genres of Hip hop Dance.

 1971: Forming of The Lockers group, created with Don Campbell and Toni Basil. They are the pioneers in the street dance movement, greatly contributing to the formation and development of Locking.

 1975: True Hip hop dances began to be born in New York.

 1977: Rock Steady Crew and Electric Boogaloos were born – the first Hip hop groups in history, specializing in Break Dance (Rock Steady Crew) and Popping (Electric Boogaloos).

 1979: “The Warriors”: the first movie about Hip hop culture.

 1980: High Times Crew dance group arrested for organizing illegal dance Break Dance at a subway station in Washington Heights.

 1982: “Wild Style”: a movie about Hip hop firstly meets all 4 elements of Hip hop culture at that time: DJ, Graffiti, MC, Break Dance. The actors in the film are real life artists.

The first International Hip hop Tour in Europe consisted of artists: Bambaataa, Fab 5, Rammellzee, GrandMixer DXT (DST) & The Infinity Rappers, Rock Steady Crew, the Double Dutch Girls, & Graffiti Artists Phase 2, Futura , & Dondi. Also from here, Hip hop culture began to grow and spread rapidly in Europe and Asia.

 1980s – 1990: the years when Hip hop appeared flooded in all clubs/discos/dance floors, etc. Starting to form formal and informal competitions in the community of Hip hop dancers, From here, “Dance Battle” has become an integral part of Hip hop culture.

 2005: Youtube was born and with the strong development of the Internet, social networks/media channels, Hip hop dominated music videos, dance competitions and the trend of young people globally.