Hip-hop culture and Hip-hop dancing

Hip hop includes 5 main elements including Dance, Rap, DJ, Graffity, Beatbox. Translated in simple terms, the 5 Elements of Hiphop Dance is How people move. It’s How people express their thoughts, emotions, music, and movements.

Breakdance, breaking, b-boying or b-girling is a street dance belonging to the hip hop dance line of young African-American people. This dance is usually dance to funk or hip hop music has been mixed to prolong the break. Although there is still much controversy, this is considered to be the first dance line appearing in hip hop dance lines.

This will result in a raw soundtrack that can be further developed and mixed. It also allows the dancer to show off the technique on the break ground. When the two sides compete with street dances, the side with good dancers who can perform complex and outstanding dance moves will be the winner.

Breakdancing is fundamentally very liberal and liberal, allowing for the combination of many different factors. A basic dance session will include toprock, move to downrock, perform power moves and end with freeze or suicide technique.

Locking has a tendency to bring viewers excitement, excitement and excitement. Locking initially danced on traditional funk music like James Brown’s. And now this genre is still widely loved by lockers and is widely used at Juste Debout matches.

The name is based on the concept of dance steps, which is a sudden stop within a limit after rapid movements and then resuming at the same speed. Such pauses create the opposite of nimble moves combined with locker styles.

Locking has many movements that require physical training, such as falling on his knees or flexing his legs. Locker often wears very distinctive and recognizable clothes, typically multicolored clothing with stripes and straps. The most remarkable thing now is that Campbell set up The Lockers group and set a foundation for locking by their own style.