Hip-Hop Culture: Strong influence and mixed opinions (Part 1)

Look at the positive issue: Many opportunities open for Hip-Hop

Sometimes, we focus too much on the Underground or Overground concepts and forget a message, an equally important mission of Hip-Hop, that is: Inspiration.

Talk about the realities of society, the views in love, friendship etc… but if you keep hiding it, who can sympathize with you? Don’t forget that expressing personality is also part of Hip-Hop culture. So if your colors are recognized by everyone and the public is welcome, be proud.

The opening of Hip-Hop has brought many opportunities for young talents. The music moisturizing series has brought glory to stars. A lot of talent search programs were born, creating an opportunity for the bright, outstanding Hip-Hop artist. Thereby, Hip-Hop talents also play the role of inspiring, spreading fire and street quality to young people. They are the people who always uphold the individual ego with different styles of music, freedom but equally meaningful and extremely emotional.

In Europe, rap first appeared in public because it is less violent. European youth have imitated America in organizing rapping parties in English. In the UK, around the 1980s, hip hop developed with the majority but still had the influence of American style, later there was the distillation and make the difference. While hip hop in the United States often comes from a shortage of large numbers of people of color, it is written in the UK by rappers who have a fairly full life in a cultural environment with different regions and lifestyles. From England, hip hop spread throughout Europe into the culture of a multi-ethnic generation, wanting to adapt and find their lives in society.

For Asia, hip hop is perceived as a different form than Europe and America, which is caused by cultural and social differences. In Asia there is no bad racism, but in addition to the Asian way of thinking, the nature of rap here is not anger, but more about the tendency of young people to express themselves. Dress style is also somewhat stylistic, more about performance.

Hip hop, in the process of spreading all over the world, has changed in the direction it passes. Still on the basic background is the attraction of art in hip hop culture, but the content hidden inside is transformed to suit individual circumstances of each continent and country.

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