Hip-Hop Culture: Strong influence and mixed opinions (Part 1)

Among the extremely diverse young culture, Hip-Hop is still the name with its own unique characteristics and increasingly proves the influence and widespread in the community. The idea that it will make Hip-Hop believers proud, but there are still completely opposite ideas.

Hip-Hop culture and the pride of young people

Freedom – personality – diversity … is just one of many phrases that can be used to describe Hip-Hop. Around the time of the 90s, the art forms were forced to make the audience flinch, until Hip-Hop appeared as a new light for the younger generation of individuals.

Continuing to develop in the 2000s, Hip-Hop officially became the playing field for real “rule-breakers”. The most obvious is the music field: Hip-Hop completely breaks the words, escaping the framed rhymes in other music genres. To express the rebellion and personality of teenagers, surely no companion is more suitable than Hip-Hop.

Since the beginning of the 2010s, this culture has developed almost to the utmost. Not only appearing in music and charting charts, Hip-Hop activities also spread to other areas such as dancing, fashion, sports and especially advertising. The combination of brands and underground stars has created successful, memorable campaigns.

Hip-Hop is Underground, shouldn’t Overground?

It is the strong and individual personality that has brought Hip-Hop culture to a new height, known and welcomed by the public as a part of Vietnamese showbiz in particular and internationally. This makes many believers in the “religion” proud, but besides that there are still many ideas that are completely opposite.

“I think the nature of Hip-Hop is Underground, we belong to an underground world, silently separating ourselves from the entertainment world. We are not afraid to reflect the social situation through our own attitude lyrics. Therefore, the fact that Hip-Hop has become a part of showbiz makes me feel like it’s a special value. ” Surely you’ve heard this idea from some Hip-Hop believer?

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