Hip hop dance and its influence on the youth (Part 1)

Hip hop dance attracts young people thanks to the attraction from music, movements, fashion styles to the sense of freedom it brings.

Hip hop dance today is also a place for young people to express themselves, relieve stress, practice weight loss and daily health care. In the following article, we will provide more information about this subject to you and you.

1. Hip hop dance affects the minds of young people

Previously, hip hop dance was just a rebellious street movement that made parents feel it was a worthless act of young people.

Gradually with the contributions and benefits from Dance hip hop, society has removed these cultural prejudices. Dance hip hop is still itself to bring the message of closeness and bring the community together.

Hip hop dance brings the community together. Once an exotic trend, today hip hop has become a playground for young people to show their bravery and passion; Demonstrate dynamism, integration with the world. As an art discipline to create a form of health training, healthy talents for young people.

2. Hip hop dance affects the health of young people

Compared to sitting idly in the house surfing the phone, playing games or gathering at saigon bars for evils, practicing hip hop dance will bring a comprehensive effect. This is also a method of health care both physically, mentally and cognitively for the young.

Hip hop dance helps young people with comprehensive health care. Practicing hip hop dance brings a comprehensive effect to young people.

Through daily dance practice the body will grow in height, gain muscle and firmer. The physique also becomes slimmer and healthier. Durability and flexibility of the body are also enhanced. In addition, the limited effect that Hip hop Dance brings is cramping, stiffness of the limbs and bone and joint diseases.