Hip hop – One of the most strange and unique fashion styles

Hip hop is not only a trend, it is also a lifestyle, a culture, a strong affirmation of young people. And associated with that lifestyle, Hip hop fashion has been born, developed very naturally, blending into the breath of modern fashion.

First, to grasp the nature of Hiphop style, we have to understand what Hip hop is. It is not simply a trend of youth to express themselves as many people think, but behind vibrant rap music, impressive dance is a profound cultural background.

Flourishing from New York City in the 1970s, Hip hop developed based on the unique culture of black people emigrating from the Caribbean to the outskirts of New York.

Hip hop includes the old and new art fields, namely four areas: breakdance – dance genre where dancers use hands to support the body, with many twists and turns, “hard”. ; graffity – a type of painting featuring characters painted with colored paints on walls; DJ-ing and MC-ing – to stir the air; finally rapping – a rhyming verse that is quickly read on music.

And to match those artistic activities, of course, Hip hop players will create their own fashion style. Also in the flow of Hip Hop in general, Hip hop fashion first appeared in the 70s of the last century in the community of African Americans and Latinos living and working in New York City.

Around that time, Hip hop fashion was characterized by a number of familiar items such as t-shirts or t-shirts, bomber jackets, sneaker shoes, tracksuit sets (warm and wide clothes when exercising, bucket hats) , unique style belts, rings and bracelets layering pit.

Since most Hip hop culture-related activities such as dance, rap, DJ, graffity or even surfing are powerful, Hip hop costumes are usually designed in two ways: or oversize widely; or close your body for easy movement.

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