Hiphop dance has any benefits that you do not know

Hiphop dance is an art form for everyone. Appearing and giving music a fresh and meaningful genre. Hiphop music makes people dance, sway. It is because of this that HipHop dance appears and attached to young people.

If you did not know, HipHop originated from small country Jamaica. The tradition of this country is to play on the outdoor dance floor with a large number of participants. At that time, DJs often rapped funny lines to increase their excitement on the bass music.

This also makes it possible for all participants to hear the music to dance. Currently, this form continues to develop. Thus the origin of Hip Hop comes from Africa. People also joked that HipHop is a folk song of the black people.

They use rap lines to express their desire for freedom and desires. Currently, the rap in HipHop has many meanings, but still shows the aspirations in life. After emigrating to the US, a young person in Jamaica spread the form of rap to the neighborhood in which he lived.

Since then, HipHop began to slowly seep into the subconscious of the American people and grow more and more. This is also the father of HipHop named DJ Kool Herc.

Fashion in HipHop is eye-catching and recognized, many people who do not rap or dance Hiphop also use it as everyday clothes. Partly due to the convenience and simplicity and not too expensive, HipHop fashion once took the throne.

In addition to music and fashion, HipHop is accompanied by the graffiti art on the wall. The classic images are subway trains covered with Graffiti images. This used to be a beautiful symbol of the artistic spirit. Hiphop is so simple that it integrates into everyday life but still bold art