Let Pants tell about the glorious history of Hip Hop

We can call the pants in the Hip Hop world pants, slacks, trousers or any other name. Which we want but one thing cannot change that all of them are the first sign of the movement of the hip hop world.

A documentary titled Fresh Dressed emphasizes the importance of fashion in hip hop. But nowadays, we just want to talk about Pants – a pair that can spark a revolution in art and personality in Hip Hop.

From baggy baggy to tight tight, the rapper defines himself by the pants he is wearing. If you see a particular Pants, you can almost hear what kind of music will come from the person wearing them.

It is a testament to the funk-style tunes and songs created from the dance hall that gave hip hop its first breath of life. Now, you can only find them at second hand stores or Halloween costume shops.

Punk and hip hop have a lot of similarities in the natural style inherent in both genres. They all go deep into creativity, not design. That gave the rappers a sharper aesthetic.

Because while performing, the b-boys and b-girls will kick over the bottom of these pants while performing classic moves like windmill. Adidas is the ultimate designer for the trark suit, and the trouser pants have become the endorsement brand for Adidas.

After the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G, hip hop entered oblivion. The Shiny suit era takes place when the art world thinks that rap is culturally bankrupt while being financially rich.

The early 2000s started a new trend with white tee shirts and oversized jeans. From a trend in prisons where inmates who do not have belts to wear are forced to suffer the scene of falling pants. This style of wearing pants has been spread by street artists. That is both the sugar dust, the inherent street culture’s mess and the mark for the new movement of Hip Hop.

However, as this decade progressed, male rappers have entered couture, and with that has included styles that would never have been worn by rappers before. Pant existed like that in Hip Hop culture. There will not be a flashy appearance of Hip Hop today without the change of Pants in the past.