Jeezy Joins Lil’ Wayne and Jay-Z in the World of Sports Agency

The worlds of hip-hop and sports are unavoidably intertwined. Many athletes want to be rappers. Many rappers want to be athletes. The cultural influence that hip-hop has on sports should come as no surprise. Many who aspire to be athletes often aspire to be musicians and vice versa. Drake highlighted this reality in his hit “Thank Me Now,” he stated, “Damn, I swear sports and music are so synonymous/Cause we want to be them and they want to be us.” The reason might be for many people, becoming a rapper or a professional sportsman seems to be the easiest path to success and acquiring wealth.

For example, rapper 2 Chainz latest studio album was entitled Rap or Go to the League. The title of the album is the personification of those two options. NBA star LeBron James served as the album’s A and R.  There again highlighting the unavoidable relationship between hip-hop and sports. Thanks to athletes like Allen Iverson, the relationship between hip-hop and sports is ever apparent and growing stronger. Given the relationship, it should come as no surprise that hip-hop artists have begun to enter the business of sports. Specifically, hip-hop artists have begun to create sports agencies.

Hip-Hop Artists who Have Created Sports Agencies

In 2013, newly minted billionaire rapper Jay-Z started Roc Nations Sports. Rapper Lil’ Wayne followed in Jay-Z’s footsteps in 2014 when he started Young Money APAA Sports Agency. Now rapper Jeezy has become the latest rapper to announce his foray into athlete representation with his new sports agency, Sports 99. Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Jeezy all have one thing in common. That is they want to help athletes.

Jeezy stated he is starting Sports 99 because he wants to help “athletes accumulate real wealth and life skills needed to invest in their future.” In an interview, Lil Wayne stated that he started Young Money Sports because he realized that he could help the athletes “shine off the field.” Jay-Z too stated that he realized he could help athletes after having conversations with multiple athletes at his famed 40/40 club. Why do these artists believe that they are qualified to help athletes in their careers on and off the field? Are they, in fact, qualified to help athletes forge their careers on and off the field?

The most annoying Hip Hop trends (Part 1)

Rappers are like poets in modern day. They make us sing, love, feel, dance, and shake. But sometimes they also call women farm implements and wear shades in the club. These are the most annoying hip-hop trends of all time.


Naturally, rappers making sure your music reaches your audience is part of that self-promotion are avid self-promoters. Sadly, they get pushed back indefinite whether it also means releasing a 3-minute trailer for a 30-second snippet of an MP3 off an album.

Free T shirt

A rapper who got busted for smoking weed on the tour bus get your care in 1998. You need more people because they don’t believe in you. Besides, someone bought a T-shirt with their name on it though noone ever walked out of jail.

Groupie Confession

That’s just a little too confusing while groupie confessions are typically packaged as female empowerment literature.

Award Crash

ODB was stating facts when he protest Puff Daddy’s win over Wu-Tang, he crashed the Grammys. Diddy was rated ahead of the best group in hip-hop history by no sane hip-hop head. These days, stage-crashing drum up publicity for new projects which is an excuse to hijack the news cycle. It’s now much more like a gimmick.

New Music Flooding Blogs

Lil Wayne started this new fad when having appeared on more than 200 songs since 2006. His weekly freestyle series turned it up a notch by Crooked. These artists were successful in exerting their efforts. Crooked founded himself as one of the best lyricists alive while Wayne went on to sell an amazing copies of Tha Carter III. New rappers seem to know that making good music is the only way to get attention. Quality trumps quantity and it’s not worth listening to.

Street Style

Phat Farm and Rocawear are the new lines which simply knockoffs of staples. There are some good hip-hop clothing lines out there.

Simple Steps to Learn Hiphop Dance

Learn to dance hip hop through simple steps.

Part 1 Setting up


Stand and keep your feet shoulder width. You should slightly bend your knees. When you dance hip hop this neutral position will make you easy to try any hip hop dance move and prevent you from looking too formal or stiff.


Wear clothes which is comfortable for you and just relax. Your clothes must be loose and comfortable when you dance. Stay relax and play some good hip hop music from famous singer such as Kanye West, Jay Z, Chris, Lil Kim, or anyone else who can make your feet eager to move on their own.

Your shoes should not catch on the ground. It is easy for you to slip and spin. During a fast move you could twist an ankle or fall down if your shoes grip the floor too hard.

Try not to look stiff when you dance. You should not keep your head and neck too stiff or stand up too tall. Just relaxed and keep your body comfortable.


Keep your arms along with your body. Don’t fidget with your hands or cross your arms over your chest. Just put your arms and hands nice and loose along your sides, relaxing and you move to the music.


Your hips should be rocked. This can be one of the first things for your dance so you can bust out some killer moves. Hiphop dance need your hips into it. Your hips need to be moved to every direction along with the flow of the music.


Now move. You need to know the moves, don’t have to follow the dance of other people. Dancing hip hop have no set way. Your best way is just relax, move your hips, follow the music and try whatever dance moves you feel right. You can copy popular dances or make up ones on your own, and match and mix between different moves.

Remember, it is not important for what you look like as long as you know what you act. If you dance with confidence and inspiration, then people will believe and admire your hip hop dancing skills.

2019 Grammy honored Hip Hop music

The grand prizes of this year’s ceremony belong to famous rappers Drake, Childish Gambino, and Cardi B.

The 2019 Grammy Awards took place on the morning of February 11 (February 10 in Los Angeles, USA). For four hours, the organizers exchanged the award categories with performances. After many years of being estranged from black artists, this season honors many Hip Hop artists such as Cardi B (Best Rap Album – Invasion of Privacy), Drake (Best Rap Song – God’s Plan) . In particular, This Is America of Childish Gambino won double tittle “Record of the year” and “Song of the year”. However, he was absent at the event. Kacey Musgraves – “Taylor Swift New Generation” – won the award of “Best Country Music Album” and “Album of the Year”. Dua Lipa – a rare representative of pop music – won the “Best New Artist” award.

Despite the lack of many familiar names such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar, the ceremony was still exciting with the performances of Camila Cabello, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B … The show impressed in the stage , stage design. The tribute to Dolly Parton with her appearance with Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Little Big Town was praised. Lady Gaga also impressed when performing Shallow – the song won the “Best Duet/ Group Performance”.

2019 Grammy was cumbersome in the first half of the program and briefly in the back. The organizers spend a lot of time for the performances, while the awards of the artists are sketchy and lack of emotion. Despite receiving important awards, the speeches of Drake, Cardi B, Kacey Musgraves were cut off. The highlight of the program is the charming lead of Alicia Keys. She has a good host role, and has an impressive performance that covers many popular songs.

The Grammy is an annual award by the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, honoring artists who make outstanding contributions to the music industry. This year’s awards ceremony honored music products from October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018. On the eve of the event, the show encountered many scandals about being turned away by the artist, revealing the award results.

The European hiphop party was interrupted when a big fire broke out

An estimated 10,000 people were evacuated from the hip-hop music festival on Croatia’s Pag island after a fire broke out in a nearby pine forest on the evening of July.

The scene video posted on social media showed many people running away from the beach when the fire was burning in the background.

“The wildfire at Island Festival right now is crazy,” one participant tweeted.

Police have asked participants to leave this famous beach music festival. More than 60 firefighters, along with 45 police officers and 22 equipment deployed to try to control the fire, while strong winds from the Adriatic Sea blew in.

“After dawn, when three firefighting aircraft were deployed, the fire was under control,” a local police spokesman told ABC News. Luckily, no one was injured.

Attendees were taken to a nearby parking lot waiting for a bus to pick them up and taken to the nearest town of Novalja. But after a long wait, the festival organizers announced that the main road to Novalja had been blocked by the fire.

Several buses were later escorted by police. This road is reopened the next morning.

“I don’t know the exact time, maybe after midnight, at which point we can see smoke rising,” one of the waiters on Zrce Beach, who requested anonymity, told ABC News. “The fire spread very fast, the smoke rising up to 25m high. There were many people (who attended the Festival). They were not scared. The guests behaved as if nothing happened.”

“The concert ended in fire, literally! Around 2 am, the guests were asked to evacuate,” he added.

The three-day festival is scheduled to last from Monday to Wednesday. “Please be assured, we are doing everything possible to continue the program with the party,” according to organizers. However, “they are saying that I cannot perform,” British rapper Not3s and American performer Tyga tweeted.


Memorable milestones in the development of Hiphop Dance

1969: Don Campbell – A famous street dancer in Los Angeles – created the dance he called “Campbellock”. It is the precursor to the dance we call Hiphop dance today.

1971: Established The Lockers, created with Don Campbell and Toni Basil. They are pioneers in the street dance movement, contributing greatly to the formation and development of Locking.

1975: The real Hiphop dance started in New York.

1977: Rock Steady Crew and Electric Boogaloos were born – the first Hiphop groups in history, specializing in Break Dance (Rock Steady Crew) and Popping (Electric Boogaloos).

1979: “The Warriors“: the first movie about Hiphop culture.

1980: The High Times Crew dance group was arrested for organizing illegal Break Dance dancing in a subway station in Washington Heights.

1982: “Wild Style”: The first Hiphop movie meets 4 elements of Hiphop culture at that time: DJ, Graffiti, MC, Break Dance. The actors in the film are real artists in real life.

The first International Hiphop tour is in Europe including artists: Bambaataa, Fab 5, Rammellzee, GrandMixer DXT (DST) & The Infinity Rappers, Rock Steady Crew, Double Dutch Girls, & Graffiti Artists Phase 2, Futura , & Dondi. Also from here, Hiphop culture began to grow and spread quickly in Europe and Asia.

1980s – 1990s: Hiphop appeared in the clubs / discos / dance floors, etc. Begin to form formal and informal competitions in the Hiphop dancers community, also From here “Dance Battle” becomes an indispensable part of Hiphop culture.

2005: Youtube was born and with the strong development of Internet, social networks / communication channels, Hiphop dominates on music videos, dancing competitions and the trend of youth worldwide.

Hiphop is a type of art that appears later than other art styles but it has a tremendous spread. That is because the dance in hip hop is quite liberal, free to allow the dancers to create, express themselves without being restrained and uncomfortable.


Hiphop’s general information

Hiphop is a musical genre and cultural movement that has appeared since the 1970s in the Bronx, New York. The history of hiphop comes and grows in ghetto areas (often the concentration of poor, colored people, associated with many social evils and gangs).

Hiphop is a combination of two slang words: hip and hop. The meaning of the word “Hip” is understood as “cool”, is a way of saying “cool” in the context of something very good or interesting. The word “Hop” represents a dance movement back then, when dancers moved from one point to another.

Along with Graffiti art, Break Dance, Rap and its own unique fashion style, Hiphop has become a wave of African-American dominant culture and Hispanic community in the 80s. Hiphop is gradually defined itself more accurate in 1982, when Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force published an electro-funk track called “Planet rock”, which included simple rap pieces combined with the disco rhythm.

Between 1982 and 1985, there were a lot of Hiphop-related films that were released and contributed to spreading Hiphop culture farther from New York City, quickly appearing in Europe and Asia and become the premise of a global culture like today.

Hiphop Dance

Compared to many other types of dancing, Hiphop Dance has a relatively short history, just starting from the 1970s onwards. Hiphop Dance is a dance set formed and synthesized from many different genres, the most basic are from Breaking (Break Dance), Popping and Locking – genres derived from the black American community and Latin America in the 70s.

During more than 30 years, 3 genres: Breaking, Popping, Locking has maintained the position of “pioneer” and is a solid foundation for anyone who wants to study Hiphop Dance or learn about the history of hiphop.

The most influential and typical dance groups for these 3 genres are Rock Stedy Crew (Breaking), The Lockers (Locking) & Electric Boogaloos (Popping).

Hip-Hop Culture: Strong influence and mixed opinions (Part 1)

Look at the positive issue: Many opportunities open for Hip-Hop

Sometimes, we focus too much on the Underground or Overground concepts and forget a message, an equally important mission of Hip-Hop, that is: Inspiration.

Talk about the realities of society, the views in love, friendship etc… but if you keep hiding it, who can sympathize with you? Don’t forget that expressing personality is also part of Hip-Hop culture. So if your colors are recognized by everyone and the public is welcome, be proud.

The opening of Hip-Hop has brought many opportunities for young talents. The music moisturizing series has brought glory to stars. A lot of talent search programs were born, creating an opportunity for the bright, outstanding Hip-Hop artist. Thereby, Hip-Hop talents also play the role of inspiring, spreading fire and street quality to young people. They are the people who always uphold the individual ego with different styles of music, freedom but equally meaningful and extremely emotional.

In Europe, rap first appeared in public because it is less violent. European youth have imitated America in organizing rapping parties in English. In the UK, around the 1980s, hip hop developed with the majority but still had the influence of American style, later there was the distillation and make the difference. While hip hop in the United States often comes from a shortage of large numbers of people of color, it is written in the UK by rappers who have a fairly full life in a cultural environment with different regions and lifestyles. From England, hip hop spread throughout Europe into the culture of a multi-ethnic generation, wanting to adapt and find their lives in society.

For Asia, hip hop is perceived as a different form than Europe and America, which is caused by cultural and social differences. In Asia there is no bad racism, but in addition to the Asian way of thinking, the nature of rap here is not anger, but more about the tendency of young people to express themselves. Dress style is also somewhat stylistic, more about performance.

Hip hop, in the process of spreading all over the world, has changed in the direction it passes. Still on the basic background is the attraction of art in hip hop culture, but the content hidden inside is transformed to suit individual circumstances of each continent and country.

Hip-Hop Culture: Strong influence and mixed opinions (Part 1)

Among the extremely diverse young culture, Hip-Hop is still the name with its own unique characteristics and increasingly proves the influence and widespread in the community. The idea that it will make Hip-Hop believers proud, but there are still completely opposite ideas.

Hip-Hop culture and the pride of young people

Freedom – personality – diversity … is just one of many phrases that can be used to describe Hip-Hop. Around the time of the 90s, the art forms were forced to make the audience flinch, until Hip-Hop appeared as a new light for the younger generation of individuals.

Continuing to develop in the 2000s, Hip-Hop officially became the playing field for real “rule-breakers”. The most obvious is the music field: Hip-Hop completely breaks the words, escaping the framed rhymes in other music genres. To express the rebellion and personality of teenagers, surely no companion is more suitable than Hip-Hop.

Since the beginning of the 2010s, this culture has developed almost to the utmost. Not only appearing in music and charting charts, Hip-Hop activities also spread to other areas such as dancing, fashion, sports and especially advertising. The combination of brands and underground stars has created successful, memorable campaigns.

Hip-Hop is Underground, shouldn’t Overground?

It is the strong and individual personality that has brought Hip-Hop culture to a new height, known and welcomed by the public as a part of Vietnamese showbiz in particular and internationally. This makes many believers in the “religion” proud, but besides that there are still many ideas that are completely opposite.

“I think the nature of Hip-Hop is Underground, we belong to an underground world, silently separating ourselves from the entertainment world. We are not afraid to reflect the social situation through our own attitude lyrics. Therefore, the fact that Hip-Hop has become a part of showbiz makes me feel like it’s a special value. ” Surely you’ve heard this idea from some Hip-Hop believer?

Hip hop – One of the most strange and unique fashion styles

Hip hop is not only a trend, it is also a lifestyle, a culture, a strong affirmation of young people. And associated with that lifestyle, Hip hop fashion has been born, developed very naturally, blending into the breath of modern fashion.

First, to grasp the nature of Hiphop style, we have to understand what Hip hop is. It is not simply a trend of youth to express themselves as many people think, but behind vibrant rap music, impressive dance is a profound cultural background.

Flourishing from New York City in the 1970s, Hip hop developed based on the unique culture of black people emigrating from the Caribbean to the outskirts of New York.

Hip hop includes the old and new art fields, namely four areas: breakdance – dance genre where dancers use hands to support the body, with many twists and turns, “hard”. ; graffity – a type of painting featuring characters painted with colored paints on walls; DJ-ing and MC-ing – to stir the air; finally rapping – a rhyming verse that is quickly read on music.

And to match those artistic activities, of course, Hip hop players will create their own fashion style. Also in the flow of Hip Hop in general, Hip hop fashion first appeared in the 70s of the last century in the community of African Americans and Latinos living and working in New York City.

Around that time, Hip hop fashion was characterized by a number of familiar items such as t-shirts or t-shirts, bomber jackets, sneaker shoes, tracksuit sets (warm and wide clothes when exercising, bucket hats) , unique style belts, rings and bracelets layering pit.

Since most Hip hop culture-related activities such as dance, rap, DJ, graffity or even surfing are powerful, Hip hop costumes are usually designed in two ways: or oversize widely; or close your body for easy movement.