Simple Steps to Learn Hiphop Dance

Learn to dance hip hop through simple steps.

Part 1 Setting up


Stand and keep your feet shoulder width. You should slightly bend your knees. When you dance hip hop this neutral position will make you easy to try any hip hop dance move and prevent you from looking too formal or stiff.


Wear clothes which is comfortable for you and just relax. Your clothes must be loose and comfortable when you dance. Stay relax and play some good hip hop music from famous singer such as Kanye West, Jay Z, Chris, Lil Kim, or anyone else who can make your feet eager to move on their own.

Your shoes should not catch on the ground. It is easy for you to slip and spin. During a fast move you could twist an ankle or fall down if your shoes grip the floor too hard.

Try not to look stiff when you dance. You should not keep your head and neck too stiff or stand up too tall. Just relaxed and keep your body comfortable.


Keep your arms along with your body. Don’t fidget with your hands or cross your arms over your chest. Just put your arms and hands nice and loose along your sides, relaxing and you move to the music.


Your hips should be rocked. This can be one of the first things for your dance so you can bust out some killer moves. Hiphop dance need your hips into it. Your hips need to be moved to every direction along with the flow of the music.


Now move. You need to know the moves, don’t have to follow the dance of other people. Dancing hip hop have no set way. Your best way is just relax, move your hips, follow the music and try whatever dance moves you feel right. You can copy popular dances or make up ones on your own, and match and mix between different moves.

Remember, it is not important for what you look like as long as you know what you act. If you dance with confidence and inspiration, then people will believe and admire your hip hop dancing skills.

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