The best French hip-hop artists of all time

Above all, Rap is a sub-arm of Hip-Hop, a lifestyle movement that completely affects those who join it. In Hip-Hop, we find music with DJs who provide musical instruments for the rappers to put their lyrics. But also activities like dancing with breakdance and painting with graffiti and cards.

This is a very strong style where the weight of the word is so important. The rappers have to persuade them by improvisation and therefore choosing an effective register is the basis.

Obviously, all the tools are available for human language to attract attention and convey messages effectively. The genre later saw change in some of its subgroups. This is also the case in France, where between the introduction period and our present era, rap music flourished and all rappers contributed to its development.

This group from Marseille is a real symbol for a generation that listened to the group during their teenage years and began to mature. Even now, the group is considered one of the best French rap groups of all time.

This group of Didier Morville and Bruno Lopes alias JoeyStarr and Kool Shen was founded in 1988 in the Paris region and marked the 90s of the previous century. Like IAM, this band is regarded as one of the best French rap bands of its generation.

It continues to influence many artists. The two rappers state their suburban origins, young people who live and survive in a difficult environment, and have turned this situation into a brand.

Doc Gyneco is perhaps one of the most quirky and unique artists of his generation. After being a member of Ministere AMER, he started his career in 1996 with his first album. He wanted the musical compositions in his songs to be mainly played with real instruments, unlike contemporary rappers who used rhythm boxes.

The artist approaches urban themes with popular references, with humor, lightness, a little provocation, and disappointment. His political involvement unfortunately kept him away from the media and the public.