The development of hip hop dance in the world (Part 1)

Hip hop is a genre of music and cultural trend dating back to the 1970s in the Bronx, New York. This culture comes from and grows in ghetto areas (usually the gathering places of the poor, the colored people, which are often associated with many layers and gangs). Hip hop culture includes such factors as DJ (who mix music), Rapper, Breakdance, Popping, Beatboxing and Hip hop fashion.

The reason Hip hop is loved by many people for its generous lifestyle and unique attributes. Hip hop players can freely describe their thoughts, stories without being bound by any scope at all. In the early stages when Hip Hop culture was newly formed, music also developed along with rap-type performance to read or chant lyrics, lyrics in a rhyming way. You can rap about anything, like music: how you feel, what you love, or whatever.


Currently, Hip hop is not only an entertainment but also a form of glamorous art and has a constant spillover. Hip hop is not only limited to music, it is also the name of a very popular dance genre. Hip hop is closely related to the community, each class, originating from the dance sequences orchestrated by beautiful choreographers presented, performed on the basis of choreographed dance style music and gradually developed into an indispensable part of Hip hop culture in general.

Hip hop Dance was conceived and synthesized from many genres and most importantly from breaking, popping & locking – the genre originated from the black and Latin American community in the 70s.

Some time later, Hip hop Dance was developed into a separate “concept”, independently and with its own style, from which formed Newstyle (NY Style), L.A style and Jazz –funk. These styles come from pretty good dancers who have practiced a lot of Old-School.

However, they want to take it a step further, they want to develop and choreograph Hip hop dances into a series of movements, a team co, an organized speech by the choreographer themselves. Therefore, we can understand why Hip hop Dance is easily accepted by the public everywhere, from the Studio to the street and even on the big stage.