The development of hip hop dance in the world (Part 2)

Many Hip hop choreographers of the later generation have gradually developed and “industrialized” Hip hop Dance, aiming to bring not only Hip hop Dance closer to the public but also to “commercialize and market it”. This is to mention L.A style and Jazz funk, etc.

L.A style & Jazz funk is not Streetdance with the true Underground nature as many people think. In fact, it is a form of “Studio Hip hop” used to perform, often appearing on major shows, or on videoclips of R&B singers and singers.

Want to learn Hip hop the first thing is to have ham, you do not need any foundation before. Go to class, the people ahead will share with you. Don’t worry about clothes, you can put on your own outfit, a bulging T-shirt or a croptop, a skinny jagger or a pair of good quality jeans as long as you’re comfortable. The music turned on and you were fascinated, free, generous and unique – that’s Hip hop.

Hip hop Dance

In Hip hop dance, there are also many different subcategories such as breaking (break dance), poping, locking, stepping, house, street dance, etc.

However, when it comes to Hip hop, people often think of Break Dance as a typical dance style, the most popular and representative of Hip hop culture.

In the beginning, Break Dance was used as a tool for black gangs to resolve conflicts/area disputes that worked together in normal peace. (also called dance battle). When the two sides compete with the dance, the one with the good dancers can perform complex and outstanding dance moves will be the winner.

The pioneers of the Break Dance movement are members of the New York and Los Angeles gangsters, who taught themselves martial arts to each other (often Brazilian martial arts) as a way to defend and fight when encountering enemies. The martial arts have gradually been transformed into performing and artistic dances like today.

Due to being rooted in martial arts, many of Break Dance’s moves look very aggressive and violent in the early years of development.

Above is the basic information about the development of hip hop dance in the world. Hopefully, the article is informative for you.