Memorable milestones in the development of Hiphop Dance

1969: Don Campbell – A famous street dancer in Los Angeles – created the dance he called “Campbellock”. It is the precursor to the dance we call Hiphop dance today.

1971: Established The Lockers, created with Don Campbell and Toni Basil. They are pioneers in the street dance movement, contributing greatly to the formation and development of Locking.

1975: The real Hiphop dance started in New York.

1977: Rock Steady Crew and Electric Boogaloos were born – the first Hiphop groups in history, specializing in Break Dance (Rock Steady Crew) and Popping (Electric Boogaloos).

1979: “The Warriors“: the first movie about Hiphop culture.

1980: The High Times Crew dance group was arrested for organizing illegal Break Dance dancing in a subway station in Washington Heights.

1982: “Wild Style”: The first Hiphop movie meets 4 elements of Hiphop culture at that time: DJ, Graffiti, MC, Break Dance. The actors in the film are real artists in real life.

The first International Hiphop tour is in Europe including artists: Bambaataa, Fab 5, Rammellzee, GrandMixer DXT (DST) & The Infinity Rappers, Rock Steady Crew, Double Dutch Girls, & Graffiti Artists Phase 2, Futura , & Dondi. Also from here, Hiphop culture began to grow and spread quickly in Europe and Asia.

1980s – 1990s: Hiphop appeared in the clubs / discos / dance floors, etc. Begin to form formal and informal competitions in the Hiphop dancers community, also From here “Dance Battle” becomes an indispensable part of Hiphop culture.

2005: Youtube was born and with the strong development of Internet, social networks / communication channels, Hiphop dominates on music videos, dancing competitions and the trend of youth worldwide.

Hiphop is a type of art that appears later than other art styles but it has a tremendous spread. That is because the dance in hip hop is quite liberal, free to allow the dancers to create, express themselves without being restrained and uncomfortable.

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