The most annoying Hip Hop trends (Part 1)

Rappers are like poets in modern day. They make us sing, love, feel, dance, and shake. But sometimes they also call women farm implements and wear shades in the club. These are the most annoying hip-hop trends of all time.


Naturally, rappers making sure your music reaches your audience is part of that self-promotion are avid self-promoters. Sadly, they get pushed back indefinite whether it also means releasing a 3-minute trailer for a 30-second snippet of an MP3 off an album.

Free T shirt

A rapper who got busted for smoking weed on the tour bus get your care in 1998. You need more people because they don’t believe in you. Besides, someone bought a T-shirt with their name on it though noone ever walked out of jail.

Groupie Confession

That’s just a little too confusing while groupie confessions are typically packaged as female empowerment literature.

Award Crash

ODB was stating facts when he protest Puff Daddy’s win over Wu-Tang, he crashed the Grammys. Diddy was rated ahead of the best group in hip-hop history by no sane hip-hop head. These days, stage-crashing drum up publicity for new projects which is an excuse to hijack the news cycle. It’s now much more like a gimmick.

New Music Flooding Blogs

Lil Wayne started this new fad when having appeared on more than 200 songs since 2006. His weekly freestyle series turned it up a notch by Crooked. These artists were successful in exerting their efforts. Crooked founded himself as one of the best lyricists alive while Wayne went on to sell an amazing copies of Tha Carter III. New rappers seem to know that making good music is the only way to get attention. Quality trumps quantity and it’s not worth listening to.

Street Style

Phat Farm and Rocawear are the new lines which simply knockoffs of staples. There are some good hip-hop clothing lines out there.

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