Things you may not know about hip hop culture (Part 2)

The word “Hip hop” was created while he imitated the rhythms of marching soldiers, mocking a friend who had just joined his army. For some reason, this phrase went into his stage activities and sometimes the Furious Five group was mistakenly referred to as “Hip hop” in a number of concerts.

DJ Lovebug Starski is said to be the first person to use the term to describe the general Hip hop culture, along with appearing in a print in 1981 Village Voice, talking about Bambaataa.

Hip hop is a combination of two slang words hip and hop. The meaning of the word “hip” is understood as “cool”, which is the expression of the word “cool” in the context of something very good or interesting.

The inventor of DJ Mixer (Sound Processing Equipment) is also the person who wrote the lyrics and performed the first Rap

Joseph Saddler – the first DJ known by the stage name Grandmaster Flash who created the DJ Mixer, which is like the soul or heart of the sound system, is the essential and important tool of any let me have a DJ.

Originally a student of electromagnetism, it was not difficult for Joseph Saddler to design and perfect the device himself. In addition, he was also said to have performed/performed rap on the first stage when wrote a rhyming paragraph for his MC.

However, at the time it was a strange thing and no MC dared to show it, he himself had to stand up and present his impressive lead, with the first rap like this: “You dip, dive and socialize, try to make you realize, we’re qualified to rectify, the burning desire to boogie.”

DJs used to be stars in Hip hop culture, not Rapper

In 1979, the release of the recordings made the Rap and Rapper genre extremely popular, becoming something that almost represented and represented Hip hop culture.

Before that, however, the DJ was almost always in a unique position, followed by the bboys (dancers BreakDance/Hip hop).