Unprecedented in history – Hip hop ranked highest at Billboard

The prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart has just released a list of the most popular songs. Rapper Drake completely overwhelmed other names, with 7 out of 10 songs in the top of the list belong to his new album “Scorpion”. Taking the number one spot is “Nice For What” – the song to date has had eight weeks at number one.

So far, all 25 songs on the album “Scorpion” have been included in the Billboard Hot 100, an unprecedented feat. Drake’s glory is signaling a new era of hip-hop music. According to a report by the Nielsen statistics organization, hip-hop has surpassed rock to become the most popular music in the United States. Out of the 10 best-selling albums, 8 have hip-hop albums.


And yet, the number of people listening to this genre is also growing faster than any other music. Hip-hop is a music with a strong rhythm, often accompanied by rap. It was written based on the feelings and personal experiences of the composer. In the early days, hip-hop was associated with street culture, a gang of black people in America.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing that has made hip-hop music famous for decades is the privacy factor. Unlike easy-to-hear pop music that talks only about emotions, flirting or dancing, hip-hop from the beginning was the composer’s heartbreak.

It brings the deep feelings of the artist, rapper of color. Therefore, listeners easily empathize, relate themselves to the lyrics in each song. Many people consider hip-hop to be famous not only for good music, but also for a diverse combination of cultural traits such as B-boy dancing, graffiti painting.

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All are proof that hip-hop in general or rap in particular has never been an easy playground for artists pursuing this genre. However, this does not mean that being a hip-hop artist is a lasting benefit.

On the contrary, with the new generation of rappers constantly emerging, the success in hip-hop music is becoming much harder than before.