Why Hiphop culture strongly affects young people

Unlike other genres of music, hiphop is a cultural lifestyle of African-Americans spanning decades. Hiphop has strongly influenced the lifestyle of a large population of the United States and the world.

The artists who gave hip hop to the young people first of which we can say Talib Kweli, Gangstarr, and Mos Def. While there are artists who use words to reflect real life, there are some who express their passion for hiphop through dance moves. All they do is show their passion.


Gradually, hiphop later expanded to many genres so that young people could satisfy their passion for hiphop such as Beatboxing, breakdancing, graffiti. They all do those things with all their heart.

Even those who brought hip-hop literature. Although they couldn’t be popular, they showed their passion for hiphop by bringing hiphop closer to people.

The beginning of hiphop in the Bronx was really simple at first, they weren’t fussy. They only need a cassette player and they will show their passion in the middle of the road.

Hip hop attracts young people because it itself contains the appeal of movement, music, and body. In the hip hop community, whoever they are, what they do, they all talk to each other with their passion and talent. But they do not judge each other by other criteria they encounter in society.

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Rap helps them to say real life and real things, speak the way they think and do. Participants in hip hop have proven their qualifications and talents through world tournaments. For many teens around the world, it is also seen as part of their life.

And they become more and more popular through reality TV shows and mass performance programs. The look of hip hop is also more open and is more popular with young people.